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So why do you need to do keyword research? I get asked this all the time when I am doing training. So why do you think you need to research certain keywords? It’s important to have the right keywords on your website and blogs. When it comes to social media I am all for optimisation […] ...

How to find keywords for your business woman typing on laptop digital marketing

So why do you need to do keyword research? I get asked this all the time when I am doing training. So why do you think you need to research certain keywords? It’s important to have the right keywords on your website and blogs. When it comes to social media I am all for optimisation (fully completed business pages) and in order to be fully optimised you need to consider the right keywords.

Want to get found?

It all comes down to what do you want to be found for? You and I search for products and services every day and as a business you want your customer to be able to find your website or blog on Google and the social media channels. So, for example, I want to be found for “social media training in County Meath” and so I have those keywords on my website and in the About and Services section of my Facebook business page as well as mentioned on my other social media channels.

SEO How to find keywords for your business

What’s SEO?

You’ve probably heard of the word “SEO” and if not no worries. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, so in other words, Google is a Search Engine and Optimisation means being all setup and complete for that search. So by having the right keywords for Google to help you get found you need to have done some research. Remember it’s just not websites that rank on Google so do social media channels.

So how do you research?

Here are ways and tools you can use to do your research:


  • Use “Google” itself and search using the keywords that you would like to be found under and see what results appear. Are your competitors using them? Here I am beginning to search for hairdressers in Dublin and as you can see their other keywords appearing as I type:
Hairdressers in Dublin Google Search results How to find searched words for your business
  • Also, go to the bottom of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) which is the results page you are on and look at the alternative keywords people are searching for as additional keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner

  • Use “Google Keyword Planner” you have to have a Google Ads account to use this research tool by Google. You don’t have to set up Google Ads to use this. You have two choices “Find Keywords” or “Get Search Volume and Forecasts. So in “Find Keywords” say if you are a takeaway restaurant you might want to research “meal delivery” or if you’re a shoe shop “leather boots” to see what results appear.
Google Keyword Planner tool Digital Marketing Tips

Keyword Tool

  • Keyword Tool is an alternative to Google Keyword Planner and it auto-suggests keywords for you as you type. You have search option tabs Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Ebay, Playstore, Instagram and Twitter, so you can search in each of these separately. You can copy and put in say an Excel spreadsheet to help you build up a bank of keywords. I did a search on “social media training” and here are a few other keywords found:
Keyword tool for google chrome How to find keywords for your business

Keywords Everywhere

  • One other tool I like is a Chrome extension called “Keywords Everywhere“. You go into the Chrome Store, download it and add it as a new feature to your browser. It shows you quite a lot of information when you go to search in Google from monthly search volume for that keyword, CPC (cost per click) for that keyword if you were to do an advertisement on Google and related keywords plus other data such as what people also search for. So I did a search on Google for “a hairdresser in Dublin: and apart from the main search results from Google I was shown theses from having the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension which is really interesting:
Keywords everywhere tool for google chrome results

To Wrap It Up…

Having the right keywords relevant to your business is really important. Remember keywords are questions people are searching for solutions. So for example, if you are a hairdresser in a town make sure you have where you are located. I know that sounds straightforward, but I have seen some businesses adding that keyword phrase on their website or social media. Keywords help you get found and rank above your competitors. So why not try some of the tools I have mentioned above and there are lots of YouTube videos out there on them for you to watch before you give them a go.

So I hope I have helped you in regard to being on social media for your business if you found this helpful why not look at more of my blogs. I help businesses of every shape and size to gain a better online presence through social media optimisation and short bespoke training that goes to you. I give social media training in Meath and Dublin on “one to one” or “pair” training. If you would like a group trained then I offer half-day or full-day social media workshops in Meath and Dublin. I also provide full social media setup, optimisation and consultations. So if you would like to get in touch I would be delighted to see how I can help you.

Thanks for reading! If you would like more tips why not follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn. I also co-host a radio show called “Let’s Get Social” on Dublin South FM where we talk about social media for business simply.

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