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All Set For The National Funeral Exhibition UK 2022

NFE2022 All set for my first in person exhibition in over two years- the “The National Funeral Exhibition” in the UK. It’s next month on Friday 10th June until Sunday 12th June 2022. The National Association of Funeral Directors’ leading Funeral conference and...

How to ask for customer feedback

Knowing why your customer choose your products or services? When was the last time you asked for customer feedback - months, years or never? Not comfortable asking? What about doing a survey which is anonymous using something like Google Forms? Keep the list of...

How to improve your Social Media Engagement?

We all want to have better social media engagement. Especially if you are a business that not consistent online or maybe starting out. So what is social media engagement and why is it so important? Social media engagement is the measure of likes, comments and shares...

Do people really know what services you offer?

What services? They say it's "Location Location Location" which matters when it comes to having a business and to shop local. I am all for that, but I do believe that your services are even more important. When was the last time you "Googled" services you offer and...

The Importance being online in the funeral industry

A few weeks ago on the weekly radio show I co-host with Phillip Twyford called "The Let's Get Social Show" on Dublin South FM, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Cunniffe, former President of The Irish Association of Funeral Directors and Branch Manager of...

3 Ways To Use Audio On Social Media And Engage More People!

Have you considered using audio as part of your social media strategy? They say content is king and engagement is queen. We all know the power of video and especially LIVE video, but what if you are not ready to go in front of the camera? This is where audio could...

How To Get More Google Reviews?

Google Reviews   So you have your Google My Business Listing registered and you have started to update it. Or you are about to register for it and thinking about what to add to it once you get your verification code from Google.   Want more reviews? Yes!...

How To Remove A Background From A Headshot?

You’ve got a headshot you really like but maybe the background isn’t right. You would like to be able to do that but not sure how. Here’s a quick and free way to do just that.

How to get the right tone of voice?

Why should you be concerned when it comes to your tone of voice online? Being online and having the right tone of voice is so important for businesses in the compassionate and emotional space. No one flicks through the Golden Pages or Yellow Pages anymore to search...

How To Schedule Facebook and Instagram Posts on Creator Studio

We all want to save time on social media, true? So what about scheduling your Facebook and Instagram posts all in one place? I bet you like that sound of that... So here's how to schedule Facebook posts and Instagram posts using Creator Studio. What do you need to do...

Guest Blog Posts:

I have written articles for a number of publications and businesses such as The Funeral Service Journal, The British Institute of Funeral Directors, The Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management and The Funeral Times. Here are a few articles to read by visiting the links below.

Funeral Service Journal Article Eimer Duffy

Google Business Profiles – why you need one now

I wrote this article for Funeral Service JournalJune 2022.

Funeral Director Websites Guest Blog image

Why are Google reviews important and what is the best approach in acquiring them?

I wrote this article for Funeral Director Websites November 2021.

Funeral Times Article Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media

Eimer Duffy answers your questions

I wrote this article for The Funeral Times, Issue 4 2021.

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