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Social Media and Digital Marketing – Consultancy and Training Services for Funeral Professionals.


FIT Social Media is a company based in Ireland offering Social Media services to businesses worldwide.

  • Transform your online presence
  • Grow your online communities
  • Build trust online

Attract and engage new clients effortlessly in 30 minutes a day. Get found online without spending a penny on ads – talk to FIT Social Media today.

Eimer Duffy Founder FIT Social Media - Digital Marketing services for funeral homes

I am a “people person” and I cannot think of a better way to spend my life than helping and supporting others to look their very best online!

Eimer Duffy, FIT Social Media

My Journey:

I have over 20 years of professional experience spanning a variety of industries. I know what it takes to look professional, be more approachable and build trust online. I am here to help Funeral professionals with their communities, locally and worldwide.

My journey started with customer-focused roles through to marketing. I worked with The Irish Stock Exchange, The Walt Disney Company, Lyreco and St. John of Gods Services. I took a career break to focus on my three little angels, who then headed off to school. I moved into working in website design, digital marketing and social media training.

In 2018, I set up FIT Social Media. Over time I accrued many clients. I noticed a recurring trend with my clients. Businesses who required a more empathic approach in their business got the most out of my work. They required an emotional and compassionate tone of voice for their online presence. I worked with these businesses and helped them develop online strategies. Their tone reflected the nature of their offerings. And from there working more and more with professionals in the Funeral industry.

My Why:

I know how daunting social media and digital marketing can be. Especially when you are trying to run a Funeral business. I am a big believer in keeping things simple and getting the foundations right. So you can keep a consistent online presence without spending every minute online.

I’m like your Driving Instructor, there by your side, giving you peace of mind on your online journey. I will work with you to help you gain more confidence online. You will see fast results and will understand when and where to post. You will gain insights into the benefits of all the online channels and will select your favourites.

Funeral Industry Marketing Agency of the Year

Republic of Ireland Prestige Awards – Corporate LiveWire

I am delighted to have been awarded Funeral Industry Marketing Agency of the Year. I really enjoy teaching social media and digital marketing skills to businesses  in the funeral sector.

FIT Social Media 2022 WINNER

Awarded by Prestige Awards

Social Media Training Service of the Year

Republic of Ireland Prestige Awards – Corporate LiveWire

I am delighted to have been awarded social media training service of the year. I really enjoy teaching social media skills to businesses and it is lovely to get recognition for my efforts.

FIT Social Media 2021/22 WINNER

Awarded by Prestige Awards

My goals are to ensure your online presence looks more

  • Professional
  • Approachable
  • Attractive
  • Engaging

So you continue to grow your community and build trust online.

Ebook - Hashtag Handbook FIT Social

Get instant access to your Hashtag Handbook

Receive a FREE copy of this Ebook to learn how to use hashtags to raise your visibility online.

Hashtags? What are they? Why use them and what ones should you use for my Funeral business?

If these are some of the questions you have, then you've come to the right place. They are a very important element when it comes to social media.

This handbook will assist you in developing your use of the right hashtags on social media for your Funeral business. I have put together a range of lists for you to choose from. Select the ones from any of the lists that you feel will work for you.

How Can I Help?

Here to help you serve families even better online.Through interactive sessions on Zoom at a time to suit you. I’m there to help you become empowered and become able to manage your digital assets.

I will guide you with practical actions that actually work. There won’t be any complicated strategies. We will work together on materials that build up into your very own social media/digital marketing handbook.

For more information contact Eimer Duffy today.


Exploration Call

What happens during an Exploration Call?

Once you book an Exploration Call we meet on Zoom on the day and time you have selected. We will have a conversation in regard to your current online presence, needs and goals. I will ask you some questions to gain more insight and answer any questions you have. From the conversation we have, I will then put together a range of options for you to look at and you can decide what you wish to do next.

Podcasts for Funeral Professionals

Podcast Eimer Duffy Undertaking the Podcast

Undertaking | The Podcast The NAFD Chats

John Adams, President of NAFD in the UK sits down with Brian Waters and Eimer Duffy from FIT Social Media to talk funeral services.

Undertaking the podcast featuring Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media

Undertaking | The Podcast FIT Social with Eimer Duffy

I had the privilage of chatting with Ryan and Brian on the Undertaking Podcast in the US. I share tips on how to engage with social media.

Lets get social show - radio show and podcast about social media for the funeral sector

Let's Get Social Show

"How the Funeral Industry is harnessing the power of Social Media"

"How the Funeral Industry is harnessing the power of Social Media". On Dublin South FM


A huge thank you to you Eimer for your help. I really enjoyed my social overview. What was previously an overwhelming area, is now clear and I have a plan of action! Many thanks for your support and sharing your expertise. Looking forward to our next session.
Very knowledgeable and great services from Eimer! Very grateful for the support she has given.

I found our session with Eimer extremely valuable and informative. Social media can seem quite daunting but Eimear helps to make it approachable and by sharing her insights and teaching us the benefits of these platforms, Eimer has provided us with the tools to ensure our business remains at the forefront of peoples minds. I learned a lot In one 9


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I recently had a Google My Business profile session with Eimer. Up to now, my confidence and knowledge in this regard, has been very limited. I now feel in a better place on this front. Eimer is fantastic, and the support she has given me has helped me to be able to tackle my profile! Many thanks Eimer, I look forward to our chats and your advice


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During the course of 2021 Eimer has become a hugely reliable and valued colleague. She provides the solution to the specialist needs of my clients who need support and guidance in the vital task of making social media work for their businesses. Eimer is a personable and perceptive communicator who works tirelessly to achieve results for her client


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