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FIT Social Media offers Digital Marketing Services for businesses worldwide. These services include online training and consultancy. It is very important to be online and to align your online audience with your core values as a Funeral provider.

I can help you create an online presence for your Funeral business. I will work with you to help you understand the best social media channels for your Funeral business. I will also help you build your Funeral business in Google to attract local customers. I will show you tools to help you update your online presence often without wasting time.

I am here to help you develop the right tone of voice for your online audience. Learn how to engage with people online in a way that they act early or remember you when the time comes to plan a funeral.

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Are you worried about how people compare you to your competitors?

You don’t have to lower your prices to attract families to engage with your Funeral services. Instead you should focus on the values of your local community. Use your online presence and digital marketing techniques to offer the best customer experience. This will lead to people thinking of you first when they are planning a funeral. I will help you to stand out from your competitors.

I will work with you on your online presence to develop a digital marketing strategy plan for success.

Benefits to being online as a Funeral business:

You don’t have to lower your prices to attract families to engage with your Funeral services. Instead you should focus on the values of your local community. Use digital marketing and your online presence to offer the best customer experience. This will lead to people thinking of you first when they are planning a funeral.

My social media agency will help you to stand out from your competitors. I will work with you on your online presence to develop a strategy plan for success.

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Marketing and training for Funeral Services providers - FIT Social Media
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Why be online?

As you know, many people only think of contacting a Funeral professional when there is a death in the family. Questions of who they contact, how much it will cost and what happens next? These can all be a challenge to ask during a time of great upset. Another issue is many people never consider planning their funeral in advance. They might make a will, but not be aware that they can pre-plan their funeral wishes. Pre-planning a funeral provides peace of mind. Many people wonder where to begin when planning their funeral. They then research online to find out who can assist them with their wishes and what to do next.

Why work with FIT Social Media?

Professionals in the Funeral industry need to build trust online. This is not only for their local community, but also beyond. Enlightening people on the undertaking of funerals both unexpected or pre-planned. And giving more insight into all that happens is even more necessary than ever. Social media has a wide reach. It is fantastic for getting you noticed online. Not only within your local community, but further afield. It is also a wonderful tool to show your commitment. Providing an insight into how you can serve those needing you most, at what can be a very difficult time.

What to do next?

The aim of being online is to make it easier for people to find, connect and engage with you. People expect to feel informed and empowered while browsing online. That is why it is vital that your online presence is fully completed, active and easy to navigate. I can assist you with all this and help you to be confident with the right channels for your Funeral business. When you partner with me, Eimer Duffy, we will work together to build your online presence. My social media agency has a range of digital marketing services and training programmes.

How I Can Help You:

They say "knowledge is power". My goal is that you gain a better understanding of how social media works and how it helps your Funeral business grow. And if you have to have your social media managed by someone else, that their services meet your expectations.

We’ll talk about how to market to your local and global community, both online and offline. Let’s work together to future proof your Funeral business. And leverage your expertise and unique value proposition.

I help Funeral Directors, Undertakers, Funeral Homes, Direct Cremation Providers, Crematoriums and Cemeteries. Funeral suppliers, Celebrants, Hospices, Soul Midwives, Bereavement and Grief professionals, and more.

Check out below how I can help and support you with digital marketing:

Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media Exploration Chat Digital Marketing for Funeral businesses and professionals

Exploration Chat

Book a no obligation 30-minute cost-free call today with me. Learn how online marketing will help your Funeral business attract new clients today! Choose a date and time that suits you.

Resources Marketing Help desk is support for funeral businesses FIT Social MEdia Eimer Duffy Exploration Chat

Marketing Help Desk

Get expert marketing advice tailored to your Funeral business needs. We will work together to improve a specific issue you are facing in the marketing of your business.

Training Programme FIT Social Media digital marketing for business Ireland UK USA

Training Programmes

I have developed specialist programmes for Funeral professionals. Let’s work together to build your online presence across a variety of platforms. Suited to all knowledge levels.

blogging services for funeral services professionals

Writing Services

I will research and write new content for your website to help you attract more visitors. This will improve your website performance in search engines. Choose a plan that suits your needs.

LinkedIn for Funeral Professionals Training Programme FIT Social Media

Specialised LinkedIn Course

Specialised LinkedIn program for students and seasoned Funeral professionals. Get up to speed on this networking platform. Connect with the best network for your needs.

Done for you packages digital marketing services for funeral business FIT Social Media

Done for You Packages

Want to have content created just for you which will engage your audience? Time saving packages from customised graphics, social media posts with articles and more.

Businesses who benefit from my work:

I work with a wide variety of business owners spanning the Funeral industry. For example;

Funeral Directors

Funeral Homes




Embalming Companies

Coffin/Casket Manufacturers

Funeral and Mortuary Suppliers

Hearse Companies

Funeral Clothing Companies

Headstone & Memorial Companies

Bereavement Services

Funeral Stationery Companies

Funeral Music/Singers

Live-Streaming Companies

Hashtag Handbook FIT Social Media 2023

Get instant access to your Hashtag Handbook

Receive a FREE copy of this Ebook that I created for Funeral businesses. Learn how to use
hashtags to raise your visibility online.

This handbook will assist you in developing your use of the right hashtags on social media. I have put together a range of lists for you to choose from. Select the ones from any of the lists that you feel will work for you.

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