Photo of Eimer Duffy of FIT Social Media who Helps Professionals And Businesses Gain Online with B2B and B2C. Acquiring A Better Online Presence, Confidence And More Visiblity.

How “FIT” is yours?

Are you a professional, in business, a non-profit, or have an upcoming event and need some help with your social media presence… FIT Social Media is here to help!

At FIT Social Media, I, Eimer Duffy, will take you “from being a viewer to being a do’er!” in a short space of time!  Social media is ever changing and it can be hard to keep up and a challenge… a bit like exercise.  I help professionals, businesses and organisations gain online with B2B and B2C. Acquiring a better online presence, confidence and more visiblity. 

With a blend of understanding your requirements, my knowledge and my attention to detail, I can help you with when it comes to your online presence through social media consultancy and training.

No challenge is too big or too small! 


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