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I recently got the new LinkedIn reactions and was interested to see what they were about. Would I use them or just click on the “Like” button and not bother with the other reactions?

So what are they all about?

On LinkedIn, until recently the only reaction you could use to show if you ‘Liked or was interested” in a post was you would click on the “Like Thumbs Up” and that was as far as you could show what you thought.

Now we have four more ways of showing what you think of a post with:

  • Celebrate
  • Love
  • Insightful
  • Curious

So here’s a quick view on each one:


This is a great as it gives you the opportunity to congratulate or compliment. I quite like this one.


This gives you the option to show your “really liked” something more than just “like” what has been posted.


This reaction allows you to show you found the post very interesting.


With this reaction, you get to show you found the post more than interesting and learnt something.


I wasn’t sure at first if LinkedIn was trying to be a little more like Facebook which has the Like, Heart, Laugh, Surprise, Sad and Angry reactions. But now that I have used the new reactions on LinkedIn, I think they are a nice addition in how you can express yourself as well as leave a comment or share the post. I normally write a bit more in my blogs, but thought I would keep this one short and sweet just like the reactions!

If you found this of interest you might find some of the other blogs I have also. I am on Linkedin and can be found on a few more social media channels such as:


Thanks for reading!

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