How to improve your online presence?

How to improve your online presence FIT Social Media

Most businesses focus on having a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling product or service and being able to present that, to make an impact and a difference in the lives of their customers, who have needs and expectations online is so important, wouldn’t you agree? Most customers search online for information and things, which will solve the issues they have regarding their needs and expectations.  They expect to find the answer by clicking on a link that will send them to a website, which is easy to navigate and will give them answers quickly.  What about your website and your online presence?  Does your website provide a good user experience? So, you have the perfect domain name, hosting sorted and a website theme (which is mobile friendly) and you feel your business looks professional online and you have everything covered regarding your website… well, do you? Here are a few points to think about, which sometimes we can overlook and it is good to check these things…

Getting In Contact

We are all busy and here are some things to consider, like having your contact details easy to find. Nothing worse than not being able to find a phone number, location details, email address and social media icons. Make sure that the phone number is clickable, as searches are done more and more on mobile devices and there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to click a phone number when you are in a rush. When it comes to locating your business, do you have your location details and a map (are your signed up with Google My Business?) which makes you even more findable on Google as it’s a Google product and it’s free! Not everyone likes filling in those “Contact Us” pages and may prefer to email you, so having your email address easily found is really important. And when it comes to social media, do you have all your icons linked to the correct accounts so that people can follow you? Do you have social media “share” buttons so that people can share your content?

On The Right Page

Once you have your contact and social media details “all sorted”, do you have the correct types of pages for your business?  For example, here are some guideline pages:

Again, people are busy and are wanting to find out information quickly and easily. So, have a look at your current navigation menu and see if you need to make any changes.

Wording It Right

Now that you have reviewed your current pages, are you SEO’d? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which means you need to be using the right keywords relevant to your business which will help you be found in search engines such as Google.  I won’t go into SEO in any further depth, but just think about, say for example, someone is searching in the search engine Google for “Red Shoes”, any search results that come up with the words “Red Shoes” will override any pages that don’t have those keywords mentioned. That’s not good if you own a shoe shop and your website, which sells shoes, doesn’t have those keywords mentioned or images tagged with those keywords. Keep this in mind when it comes to writing a blog also. Don’t forget to make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation are “spot on”! You can always double check these things with a tool that I like called Grammarly.  It will help you out big time!


So now that you’ve checked you’re easily contactable, you’ve got the right pages and you’re word perfect… your online presence will look and sound more professional.  I am sure you’ve come across some websites and you can’t find what you are looking for and the content is not great. Take a step back and have a friend look at your website (on a mobile device and on a desktop) as if they were a potential customer.  Have them click all the links and look at all the content word for word.  It’s amazing at what they will find, which you wouldn’t and then you will have the peace of mind that your online presence fits in with your business and is professional looking. And when it comes to your social media channels linked to your website, are they linked to the correct accounts and are you on the right ones for your audience? To find out more about which social media channels to use for business and the pros and cons of each, have a look at this. Lastly, if you feel you need assistance or don’t have time to update and maintain your website content don’t worry, get in touch and I will be happy to help you!

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