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When it comes to Instagram for your business, your Bio is the first thing people see, so it has to catch their eye!  When it comes to my Instagram business account, I do go in and tweak it from time to time.

What key things to have…

Profile Image

You have two options here as a business.  Either have your logo or a photo of the face of the business. 

As a small business, I have a photo of myself rather than my logo, as I feel my customers and potential customers can relate to me and people buy from people.  Larger businesses and organisations normally have their logo and that is perfectly fine and works really well, for example, Coca-Cola uses their logo.

Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media Instagram Bio

Coca Cola logo Instagram bio image

Bio Description

People expect to see the following in your Bio Description:

– Business Name (30 characters)
– Instagram Handle (30 characters)
– Business Category (to categorise your business)
– Bio itself (150 characters)
Website Link

The Business Name, Username, Business Category and Website link are the easy bit.  The Bio itself can be the tricky part to complete as you have to consider the following:

Instagram Bio Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media

What’s in the Instagram Bio?

As mentioned above you can only have 150 characters for your Bio itself.  The Bio must give the viewer a clear understanding of what your business is about, the products or services you provide and reflect the content you have in your feed or stories.

Then consider what hashtags you will use as they will help you get found. Give the viewer an idea of what your business is about so it’s really important that the hashtags you select are relevant to your business. For my business #SocialMediaTraining and #WebsiteTraining are relevant.

And don’t forget about using Emojis. These are useful for a couple of reasons, they are a way of guiding your viewer to understanding your tone of voice and they are also eye-catching! 😄

All in all…

Consider your Instagram Bio gives the viewer a first impression of what your business is about.  In your Bio, what will encourage them to want to follow you and then want to engage with your posts and stories? If you consider the above and have look at what similar businesses to yours are saying about themselves in their Instagram Bios then you can’t go too far wrong.  As I said earlier, I do tweak mine as no Bio is perfect!

So hopefully you found the above of value and if you want to follow my Instagram account click here @FITsocialmedia_. 📲😀 If you want to chat contact me today.

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