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I was recently asked by a friend who has a small business, who was toying with the idea of getting a website, “do I really need a website?” She has a Facebook business page and gets quite a lot of business through that.  I did say if you’re not ready to get one yet, then at least have another social media platform to drive traffic to.  But at some stage, I did say your business will need a website.

Think of the combination of a website and social media like a married couple… the website is the one half that is all picture and no sound and the social media is the other half that never shuts up… together they are stronger… sorry that’s my sense of humour in print…


It’s always better to create your own content, add it to your website and drive it out via social media. But curating relevant and engaging content to catch the eye of your social media audience is also important.

I was recently discussing social media for business and websites in a live video chat on Feedalpha’s Facebook group “Feedalpha Community”, the group is there to help members learn all about social media and much more!   We talked about various topics and strategies going forward into 2019.

Feedalpha itself is a B2C social media tool that searches for industry-specific news and articles to help deliver a constant supply of up-to-date content to a customer base or other audiences, against a regular user-controlled schedule. Feedalpha typically helps SMEs and Social media professionals to save hours each week and this time can either be re-invested to focus on other parts of the business, or to improve the work/life balance.  

This is a great tool to help you curate content for your social media platforms with the beauty of being able to schedule it at the right time.  

5 things… 2019

Whilst I was on the Feedalpha Community page, I was asked in the video chat what things to focus on for 2019.  Here are five things I highlighted. From analytics (data is your friend), optimise your social media platforms, be aware of hashtags, video as content and the use of chatbots (AI):

5 things to focus on in 2019 FIT Social Media

So all in all, I say keep creating your own content but if you need to curate, then have a look and try Feedalpha.  

I highly recommend it, as it will save you time, helps you publish up to the minute and relevant content.  It will get you to be more consistent, be able to schedule ahead and it’s really easy to use!  There is a 30 day free trial to give you the opportunity to try it out and I know you will wonder how you ever lived without Feedalpha!

Going back to my friend and her dilemma on getting a website… She decided she would as she could see that it would give her business more credibility, have somewhere for her social media audience to visit and it was a space on the internet that she owned and could add her own content.  She is also aware that sharing good quality content she had curated from others showed her audience she is aware of what’s happening in her industry.  And of course, I had to mention Feedalpha as a tool to help her do that!


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