How to ask for customer feedback

How to ask customers for reviews as a funeral business to get more referrals marketing tips

Knowing why your customer choose your products or services? When was the last time you asked for customer feedback – months, years or never? Not comfortable asking? What about doing a survey which is anonymous using something like Google Forms? Keep the list of questions short and on point. You might get great customer feedback!

Google Forms 

Let’s start with Google Forms and what they are. So Google Forms are free, which is great. They are part of Google’s web-based apps suite which includes Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets. You can create surveys and quizzes. And when people answer the questions their answers automatically are saved and you can see the responses. I highly recommend using this as it easy to set up and to add the questions to.

Customer Feedback

I recently decided to send out an updated survey to see what feedback I would get. I made my survey an anonymous one as that way I felt that people will more likely answer honestly. Customer feedback is important to get as you will then get to understand your customers’ needs and wants. What has worked and what has not. If they would purchase again from you and lots more information.

Here are some questions:

And I have added a couple of responses that I got from these questions in my latest survey. 

1. How did you hear of my services?

eg: Word of Mouth. referral. networking event.

2. Why did you choose to work with me?

eg: I find you easy to get on with, you are great in the details, very kind and a funny lady. Professional, informative and easy to understand. Reliable reference and constant professionalism after initial engagement

3. What was the best thing about us working together?

eg: Eimer was very flexible with her time and was also great at sending on feedback on our sessions and was always willing to share her experience. My surprise at how much I didn’t know, and how useful Social Media is. Also you have a true talent in training and a genuine interest in your clients. Practical advice, no nonsense, all actionable and doable items, while working in a good atmosphere and have fun. 

4. How would you rate working with me? 1 star – 5 star

How would you rate working with me bar graph poll responses from customers
Bar Chart Results of a poll I ran for customer feedback

5. What would stop you from engaging me again?

eg: Nothing. I cannot think of a specific reason that would prevent us from working together again. If our business needs matched a service that you provide, I would definitely consider this. Would be happy to engage you again, if I needed to.

6. Would you recommend me to a friend or colleague?

Pie chart results of a customer feedback form

7. Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. Is there anything else you would like to add to this survey?

eg: Always professional and thorough. Made my life easier! Just thank you for all your help! Eimear is an outstanding trainer & mentor & we were privileged to find her.

In Conclusion

I was very touched by the replies to my recent survey. I got some really lovely responses. I was delighted to know that I have made my customers happy. If there had been any negative responses that would have helped me to re-assess what I was offering as services and my approach to providing those services. Also how I am as person working with clients and in regard to my own customer service. At the end of the day, getting customer feedback is so important to get and understand why your customer choose you and if there is something that wasn’t good then you know what that is and you can sort that out.

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