Do people really know what services you offer?

Do people really know what services you offer blog post FIT Social Media

What services?

They say it’s “Location Location Location” which matters when it comes to having a business and to shop local. I am all for that, but I do believe that your services are even more important. When was the last time you “Googled” services you offer and see what appeared in the search results? Are your competitors ranking above or below you? What services are they offering? Are they offering more or less services? This is an important exercise to do as it helps you to assess where you are.  Earlier this evening, I hosted and spoke on a panel for an online event. This event focused on 2020s Vision for the future of Funeral Sector. It was interesting to hear each of the speakers talk on different aspects of the future of the industry. Services available was one aspect which got me thinking. As in, what services people would be searching for online nearby and from abroad.

When it comes to funerals what services are people searching for and where do they search from? No matter what business you are in, Covid 19 has taught us all quite a lot and people don’t always shop local. People will do their research online. Then select the best service provider who has what they are looking for.

So how do I ensure people can find out what services I offer?

No matter what business you have you need to have more than a website. Tonight’s event had different topics. One of the speakers shared a story in regard to some research they did ahead of the event.  The story was from a Funeral Director that they had spoken with. A lady whose husband had passed away was looking for a particular service.  She had “Googled” what she was looking for. Her local Funeral Director did not provide the service. She found a Funeral Director who was in a different county who did provide the service she was looking for. She got in contact with the Funeral Director because of the services he offered. And did not go with the local provider. This was very interesting to hear and the discussion afterwards.

So you need to ensure you have your services listed and described in various online places. By doing so, you increase your options and opportunities. This will help your services to be seen locally and globally. It is important especially if someone needs your services and are not living in this country. So here are a list of digital assets to showcase your services on and to update them on also.  Use keywords which people are using and include them in the description of each of your services.

List your services on the following:

  • Google My Business listing
  • Website
  • The right Social Media Accounts
  • Local Online Directories
  • General Online Directories
  • Niche/Industry Online Directories
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In Conclusion

People are searching online 24/7 around the globe and you need to have your services for your business listed on various online platforms. Ensure your services are described well, so that customers can check to see if you are offering exactly what they are looking for. Use keywords and remember it’s great to have local business but if you are just relying on local business and not thinking outside of that and even globally, you might lose future customers who don’t live in our locality. At the end of the day, think about what services you offer and don’t take for granted your location.

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