3 Ways To Use Audio On Social Media And Engage More People!

3 Ways To Use Audio On Social Media And Engage More People FIT Social Media Phone and keyboard with headphones Office

Have you considered using audio as part of your social media strategy? They say content is king and engagement is queen. We all know the power of video and especially LIVE video, but what if you are not ready to go in front of the camera? This is where audio could become your stepping stone to gradually get you in front of the camera. And when it comes to networking are you a little shy when it comes to face to face networking or on Zoom, then this is where audio networking can be your friend. And the third thing is rather than typing a private message, why not use audio to record a message and make that person feel you are interested in being connected.

Here are three ways to connect more with your audience, create content and network for your business which will all help with increasing brand awareness, engaging your audience and build strong business relationships.

Audio Content

So let’s talk about audio content. At the moment (and this could change overnight) is that the only platform which you can create an audio post is Twitter. This is surprising as I would have thought by now that Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin would offer this. So until they do, here’s how you leave an Audio Tweet for your audience to hear your voice and what you want to share with them verbally in a tweet. This is great for engagement and for content ideas.

How to tweet audio on Twitter

Once you have recorded your audio message and have pressed “Done” (as above), then your profile image will appear (like above) and you can create your tweet caption. By pressing play people can hear your voice. This is quite engaging and you could be surprised at the amount of likes and comments you will get, and this could lead to retweets. So why not give it a go.

Audio Networking

As I mentioned earlier, networking can be a challenge if you are not into networking or you are a shy person. With the roll out of Clubhouse and now Twitter Spaces you have the option to network using audio only and it is amazing! You can talk to people in live voice conversations. Think of it like being on the phone to different people and you don’t even have to worry about your hair or makeup! People will go check out your social profiles and website from being on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces and from there may follow you and even want to connect with you on social media. This could lead to private messages which could lead to face to face conversations and meetings. So again audio could be the way forward for you when it comes to networking.

Here are some images of Clubhouse in the App Store, I am Clubhouse and the second image shows you what a Clubhouse Room conversation looks. Also two images of how to get on to Twitter Spaces and what it looks like when you join a Twitter Spaces conversation. You can set up your own Twitter Spaces conversation but you have to have a minimum of 600 followers. As you can see in both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces the only thing people see is your profile image.  I am quite sure that the other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will follow suit before long. And from there you can audio network on your platform of choice.

Twitter Clubhouse for networking
Twitter Spaces

Audio Private Messages

So you’ve created audio content, been audio networking and now you can create private message using audio! You can leave audio messages on Facebook Messanger, Instagram, LinkedIn and Whatsapp! This is a great feature as all you have to do is, when you go into whichever of these social platforms’ messaging application you want to leave a private message, rather than type the message you click the little mic icon and record your message and when you are finished just click on the record button to stop the recording and send. This can be lovely for the other person as it shows you want to make the effort. They get to hear your voice and personality and this can feel more personal and considerate. So why not give this a try and see what response you get. You might even get an audio message back. 

To Conclude…

Audio is a feature that could be helpful to you for a number of reasons. The options to create content, network and private message are definitely something to consider. If you haven’t tried audio before then maybe this is the time to give it a try and see how you get on. You never know it might just like it more than you think!

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