What kinds of topics do you cover in your marketing help desk?


The Marketing Help Desk is an option if you want to cover a topic of challenge. This is a one-off one hour session to help you with that. Covering whatever social media or digital marketing topic you wish. From all the major platforms etc.. and here are some examples:

Social media strategy:

We would review your current social media accounts and develop a strategy. For example to improve engagement and reach with your target audience. This would include tips for optimising your profile and creating engaging content etc.

Content marketing:

We would review your current content marketing efforts and develop a plan. Looking to increase your reach and engagement with your target audience. This would include tips for creating valuable content that will solidify your expertise.

Local search and more:

We would review your current online listings such as Google Business Profile. As well as Bing Places, Apple Maps and online directories. Looking at your website and identifying areas for improvement. Focusing on increasing your online visibility and engagement with potential clients. This would include tips for optimising your website for search engines. And other aspects to encourage people to have longer dwell time on your website.

By the end of our session, you’ll come away with more knowledge, and confidence. And have things you can do straightaway.

For more information see my services here or book an exploration call.

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