How have you helped funeral homes and professionals improve their online presence?

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My services are all designed to help Funeral professionals grow their online presence. Assisting them to be online in a way that feels authentic and respectful to the families they serve. And another aspect is to help them to work towards attracting and engaging future staff. With the main goal of building communities and trust online. Leading to growing and future proofing their funeral businesses.

Here are some examples:

Optimising their social channels:

● I’ve helped funeral homes and professionals improve their different channels. Resulting in increased online visibility and more and standing out above their competitors.

Increased social media engagement:

● Help with creating valuable content eg: blogs and visual media. Leading to increasing their social media engagement and reach.

Developed LinkedIn presence:

● With my LinkedIn course, I’ve helped Funeral professionals establish and grow their presence. Build a strong network and leverage this essential “networking room” and more.

My goal is to:

● Help Funeral homes gain a better online presence, build communities and trust. People are looking for different options such as direct cremation companies. And I assist with strategies to showcase Funeral homes, their USP and the value they bring etc.

● Assist Funeral professionals establish and grow their personal brand online presence. By doing it in a way that is practical, informative and enjoyable. If you would like to check out some of my reviews and recommendations click here.

For more information see my services here or book an exploration call.

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