Why do I need social media and a website?

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So, you think by having social media; such as a Facebook page, you don’t actually need a website. Well, that’s ok if your social media account is not taken down on you for some reason and then your online presence is gone.

With being on social media you are not in control of your space, for example, Facebook is a third party site, which has terms and conditions which are being continually updated.  Having a website, you are more in control, as you own your website and pay annually for your domain name.  Your website hosting allows you to rent a space on the internet, (a bit like years ago, when you would rent a space in the Yellow Pages).

Not everyone is on social media and lots of people still “Google” to search for products and services. It is true that social media does rank on Google and that’s great, but people do expect these days, to see a website and have more trust in a business that has one, as well as, a social media presence.

I was talking to a friend recently, who only has a Facebook page for her business and feels that’s enough for her.  She asked me “I have a Facebook page, why do I need social media and a website?” I told her what I just mentioned earlier and then I thought I should angle it another way…so I said:


“Think of a website and social media
like a married couple,
the website is the husband
all picture and no sound,
and social media as the wife
who never shuts up!”



Website Image

Social Media Image

“Together they’re a great team,
separately they can’t do as good 
a job,
as they would together!”


My friend thought that made a lot of sense and is now considering having a website!

I did say also that she could even start writing a blog to keep her website fresh and interesting, then share it with her audience on social media.  Think I have created a monster as she is now continually ringing me with “what about this for a blog?” and “what about that for a title?”.  Maybe I should have left her to her social media bubble… where she was happy and I had fewer phone calls!

Ah, sure what else are friends for?

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