Erin Keoghan

Recently completed 6 weeks training with Eimer on improving our online presence. And boy is it coming into play now! Eimer helped me examine & improve all aspects of our online presence. From Google my business, WhatsApp for business, SEO, Facebook & Instagram. Each online Zoom session was packed full of information and tips on how to improve, build & tweak each platform. Although overwhelming at times when your not tech-savvy like me, Eimer showed great patience & understanding in talking & guiding us through each session. With the growing importance in this pandemic of an online retail offering, I’m so grateful to her for pushing me to get the work done and improving everything we had already worked on. It’s really coming to fruition now. If you need help with your online presence, even if you don’t have a website, there are plenty of other ways to get your business online. Call her now!!