Berna Hatton Hattons of Summerhil Gastro Pub restaurant and Guesthouse

Berna Hatton: Proprietor of Hattons Hotel & Bistro

I am a small business owner in the Hospitality industry in County Meath. I had no previous training in Social Media. The only previous Social Media experience I gained was from learning from younger Members of our Staff. As you may have put together at this stage Social Media was not around when I was a teenager. I became familiar with Instagram and had started to use it briefly. One night while using Instagram I came across Eimer Duffy of Fit Social Media and I thought this is what I need. I contacted Eimer and we met for a coffee and a chat. She talked me through her training process and we both agreed that one to one training was what I needed to make our business page a success. We had just completed a four-week course when along comes the challenge of Covid 19 and our business closed as a result. I immediately thought well there goes my Instagram training as I will have no use for it now. But of course, Eimer intervened my thoughts with a follow-up phone call urging me to keep active on the Social Media platform while business was on pause. I took her advice and we have now reached over 500 follows and are gaining more daily.

Berna Hatton
Hattons Hotel & Bistro
Conor Clear – Conor Clear Life Celebrant
Conor Clear

A huge thank you to you Eimer for your help. I really enjoyed my social overview. What was previously an overwhelming area, is now clear and I have a plan of action! Many thanks for your support and sharing your expertise. Looking forward to our next session.

Sheryl O’Brien – P Townley & Sons Limited Funeral Directors | Review
Sheryl O'Brien

I found our session with Eimer extremely valuable and informative. Social media can seem quite daunting but Eimear helps to make it approachable and by sharing her insights and teaching us the benefits of these platforms, Eimer has provided us with the tools to ensure our business remains at the forefront of peoples minds. I learned a lot In one 90 minute session Thank you.

Aaran Morriss – AG Morriss Funeral Directors | Review
Aaran Morriss

I recently had a Google My Business profile session with Eimer. Up to now, my confidence and knowledge in this regard, has been very limited. I now feel in a better place on this front. Eimer is fantastic, and the support she has given me has helped me to be able to tackle my profile! Many thanks Eimer, I look forward to our chats and your advice in the future.

Gerry King – Funeral Director Websites
Gerry King

During the course of 2021 Eimer has become a hugely reliable and valued colleague. She provides the solution to the specialist needs of my clients who need support and guidance in the vital task of making social media work for their businesses. Eimer is a personable and perceptive communicator who works tirelessly to achieve results for her clients. I have, and will continue to recommend her services safe in the knowledge that no one else is able to provide such an outstanding service.

Grace McEntaggart – McEntaggarts Funeral Directors | Review
Grace McEntaggart

Really professional and expert advice. Thank you Eimer for your valuable insights and teaching into the benefits of Social Media for our Business. You made what can seem a daunting subject approachable and achievable and I learned a lot. Thank you.

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