Berna Hatton

I am a small business owner in the Hospitality industry in County Meath. I had no previous training in Social Media. The only previous Social Media experience I gained was from learning from younger Members of our Staff. As you may have put together at this stage Social Media was not around when I was a teenager. I became familiar with Instagram and had started to use it briefly. One night while using Instagram I came across Eimer Duffy of Fit Social Media and I thought this is what I need. I contacted Eimer and we met for a coffee and a chat. She talked me through her training process and we both agreed that one to one training was what I needed to make our business page a success. We had just completed a four-week course when along comes the challenge of Covid 19 and our business closed as a result. I immediately thought well there goes my Instagram training as I will have no use for it now. But of course, Eimer intervened my thoughts with a follow-up phone call urging me to keep active on the Social Media platform while business was on pause. I took her advice and we have now reached over 500 follows and are gaining more daily.