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I offer social media consultancy services to businesses who want to improve their online presence. I will help you drive through so you gain optimised visibility, business development and commercial growth through social media consultancy. 

Learn more about how I can help you shine online!

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When it comes to social media for business, it is so important to be on the right channels and use the right tools to manage them consistently without wasting time. I am here to help you on this journey!

Here to Guide and Support Your Business

As your social media consultant, I will first review your current social media position, including how it measures up to your competitors. We will look at areas such as your message and offerings, audience, content, engagement and analytics.

After I have a clear picture of where you are, I will give you tailored recommendations, strategies and guidance to make it easier for you to manage your social media channels and reach your business goals.


Optimised Visibility


Business Development


Commercial Growth

What’s in it for you?

My social media consultancy services are for both individuals and groups who want to run their social media with my ongoing support. I will help you build your own social media strategy and keep you accountable.

Keep you on top of your game with weekly or monthly chats where we can dive into your activity, analytics and have you up to date with the latest tips and info!

I offer both online and face-to-face consultancy for both individuals and groups. In our exploration chat, we will get to know each other and set the tone for our collaboration.

My Social Media Consultancy Services

As a business owner myself, I know how precious your time is. That is why all my social media services are tailored to your specific needs and can be delivered either online or in-person!


Get Answer to All Your Questions

If you just have a couple of questions, let’s go for my Power Hour. This is an hour dedicated to you and your questions. It is ideal for people who are short on time or just need the occasional troubleshooting session!

As your long-term social media consultant, I will answer all your questions as they come up. With my ongoing support, you will never again feel lost in the ever-changing world of social media.


Develop Your Social Media Strategy

Leads are the main reason for you to be active on social media but, without a strategy, you may waste your time and effort without ever seeing results. As your social media consultant, I will help you create and fulfill a social media strategy that helps you reach your business goals.

Having a clear social media strategy and a step-by-step plan will also save you a lot of time in the long run!


Be Consistent on Social Media

Having someone by your side every step of the way has many advantages. You’ll have all my knowledge as well as two perspectives to work with when improving your social media presence.

But another benefit is that I’ll be your “accountability partner.” What does that mean? On our weekly or monthly chats, as your social media consultant, I’ll be there to keep you on track!


Stay on Top of Your Social Media Analytics

Once we develop and fulfil your social media strategy and consistency, it will be time to dive into social media analytics. Numbers will be your most powerful tool when assessing the success of your social media activity. However, they are often overwhelming and you will benefit from having a social media consultant by your side to walk you through them.

And That’s Not All!

To ensure you get the most from your session with me, you will also receive an in-depth session report afterward outlining what we covered with supportive material. It’s just like having your very own social media handbook, which you can refer to again and again!

Does this sound like exactly what you need to take control of your social media presence?

Let’s book an exploration chat at no cost to you to get to know each other and figure out how I can help!

It is time to explore your Social Media with me

I offer both one-to-one and group social media consultancy and training programs and I can work with you online via Zoom or face-to-face. I can also optimise and enhance your channels for you with my social media enhancement service!

Would you like to work with a social media specialist? If so, let’s have a 20-minute exploration chat at no cost to you!

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Book your exploration chat with me to explore your current social media presence.

Book your Exploration Chat to explore how you should approach social media from managing, marketing and gaining more visibility, getting noticed and build trust online especially if you are a business that requires a compassionate and emotional tone of voice.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with social media management and marketing and don’t quite know which of the services you need. In that case, I recommend jumping on a 20-minute exploration chat with me at no cost to you.

On this exploration chat we can get to know each other and decide which of my social media services suit your current situation the best!


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