With You Every Step of the Way!

I can help when it comes to social media services for business. It is so important to be on the right social channels and use the right tools to manage them consistently without wasting time. I am here to help you on this journey!

Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media Trainer and Consultant Trim Meath

Have a look at the variety of ways that I can help you at each stage of your business growth.


Explore your social media needs


Learn how to fly high with the right channels


Guide and empower you to propel further and shine online


Have the right knowledge and skills to continually attract and land the right customers

Ultimately, I will help you develop and grow your business and increase its visibility through my social media services.

My Social Media Services

As a business owner myself, I know how precious your time is. That is why all my social media services are customised to your specific needs and can be delivered either online or in-person!

Social Media Power Hour

Do you have a specific topic, challenge or a few questions you want my help with? Let’s jump on a Power Hour!

Social Media Consultancy

Social media consultancy services are for both individuals and groups who feel they need guidance and support with their social media.

Social Media Training

Do you feel you or your team need a skills update to effectively manage your social media channels and online presence?

Social Media Enhancement

And if you need more hands-on help to make the best of your social media channels, I am here for you as well.

Local Enterprise Office Assistance

Trading Online Voucher Social Media Expert Meath Dublin

I am a mentor for the LEO and can help you with Social Media Mentoring. My services are also eligible for the Trading Online Voucher TOV. 

It is time to explore your Social Media with me

I offer both one-to-one and group social media consultancy and training programs and I can work with you online via Zoom or face-to-face. I can also optimise and enhance your channels for you with my social media enhancement service!

Would you like to work with a social media specialist? If so, let’s have a 20-minute exploration chat at no cost to you!

Social Media Training Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media - Phone with social icons

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Book your exploration chat with me to explore your current social media presence.

Book your Exploration Chat to explore how you should approach social media from managing, marketing and gaining more visibility, business development and commercial growth.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with social media management and marketing and don’t quite know which of the services you need. In that case, I recommend jumping on a 20-minute exploration chat with me at no cost to you.

On this exploration chat we can get to know each other and decide which of my social media services suit your current situation the best!


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