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Social Media Resources
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Social Media Checklists

These four social media tips and checklists accompany you every step of the way. They are perfect for those who are feeling overwhelmed by social media and want to give a great first impression of your business. Get the checklist of your favourite social media platform or get all four down below!

The Importance being online in the funeral industry

A few weeks ago on the weekly radio show I co-host with Phillip Twyford called "The Let's Get Social Show" on Dublin South FM, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Cunniffe, former President of The Irish Association of Funeral Directors and Branch Manager of...

3 Ways To Use Audio On Social Media And Engage More People!

Have you considered using audio as part of your social media strategy? They say content is king and engagement is queen. We all know the power of video and especially LIVE video, but what if you are not ready to go in front of the camera? This is where audio could...

How To Get More Google Reviews?

Google Reviews   So you have your Google My Business Listing registered and you have started to update it. Or you are about to register for it and thinking about what to add to it once you get your verification code from Google.   Want more reviews? Yes!...

Social Media Blog

There is so much to know when it comes to social media and it is ever-changing. That is why I share how-to blog and other social media tips posts to help you gain a better understanding. Feel confident using the right channels and how to make the best of them and your time. Look your very best online and attract your ideal customers.

Lets get Social Podcast and Radio Show Eimer Duffy and Phillip Twyford

Listen to “Lets Get Social”!

Hosted by Phillip Twyford (aka The Curly Marketer) and Me! Every Friday at 2pm on Dublin South 93.9FM. listen back to podcasts any time. Our show brings fun, witty banter all wrapped up with social media know-how. Here to help you cut through the clutter in the world of social media and give you tips to use now!

It is time to explore your Social Media with me

I offer both one-to-one and group social media consultancy and training programs and I can work with you online via Zoom or face-to-face. I can also optimise and enhance your channels for you with my social media enhancement service!

Would you like to work with a social media specialist? If so, let’s have a 20-minute exploration chat at no cost to you!

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