Social Media & Website Consultation


Social Media Consultation


During a consultation, your online presence is evaluated. Studying what you have in place and review your current social media position or website, in how it measures up to your competitors and give a recommendation of what services would suit your needs. An initial consultation is 30 minutes by phone and is free of charge, but if you require more than an initial consultation then you can contact us by phone to book. We offer one-off and monthly consultations on social media and website management for small business owners, non-profit organisations, individuals and events.


Social Media or Website Training


Training in Social Media


Teach key skills for getting the most for your business, event or promotions from your chosen social media platforms and website. Help your understanding of how these platforms and how your website works, which will enable you to reach a wider audience quickly and effectively. Offering one to one, paired or group training sessions with bespoke and customised training, with packages to suit every budget.


Social Media Management


management of social media


Here to manage your social media platforms, your online reputation, day-to-day online activities and develop relevant content to engage and grow your business’s target audience. Content creation services such as graphic design, photographic and video footage can be provided for your social media platforms.  Have you an event coming up? Maybe you need your social media managed at that event, do you require event services such as live tweeting and posts created there and then, photography or live video, I can take care of that for you.  Social media never takes a holiday, but you can, by providing social media “holiday” cover, so no need to worry while you are away, your social media will be in good hands!


Website Management


Management of website


Do you have a website which you don’t have time to update or manage? A website needs attended to regularly with updates and maintained.  Updating with fresh content and new images/videos, as well as, making sure your website is secure and it keeps your audience interested. Content creation services such as graphic design, photographic and video footage can be provided for your website. FIT Social Media can look after it all for you with updating, content creation/curation and management.


Digital Marketing


Social Media and Marketing


Gain traffic or attention through social media content and advertising to your social media pages and website. Market to your target audience to help you increase brand exposure, broaden customer reach and increase your business goals. Using Digital Marketing techniques such as, social media and email campaigns which target, to spread brand awareness or promote particular products or services of your business.


Then with a blend of understanding your requirements, our knowledge and our attention to detail, FIT Social Media can design a plan to suit your needs.

No challenge is too big or too small!


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