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Do you have specific issues with social media marketing?

Let’s have a Power hour to explore social media marketing possibilities for your business! Power hours are a combination of social media consultancy and social media training.

Get ready to Shine Online with FIT Social Media!

How it works:

The Power Hour is a bite-size option that offers maximum results in the shortest period of time with a mix of consultancy, coaching and training. When you book your Power Hour I will send you a form to fill in to help me assess your needs. This process optimises the time in the Power Hour to get you maximum results.


This meeting is 60 minutes in duration. You can book as many Power Hours as you wish to explore different pain points.


Power Hours are €150 and you can have more than one person in the meeting.


When you book with me online I will email you a confirmation that contains Google Calendar information. If you use Google Calendar then you can simply add the appointment to your calendar directly from the email.

Cancellations / Rescheduling:

If you book an appointment and cannot make it please let me know at your earliest convenience so that we can reschedule. I would appreciate at least 24 hours notice as I do a lot of prep work for meetings.


Eimer Duffy

Eimer Duffy

Social Media Expert

With over 20 years of professional experience in various industries, I know what it takes for B2B and B2C businesses to stand out from their competitors. I have created quick and easy social media programs to empower you to reach your business goals! No complicated terms. Just practical actions that actually work.

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Book your exploration chat with me to explore your current social media presence.

Book your Exploration Chat to explore how you should approach social media from managing, marketing and gaining more visibility, business development and commercial growth.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with social media management and marketing and don’t quite know which of the services you need. In that case, I recommend jumping on a 20-minute exploration chat with me at no cost to you.

On this exploration chat we can get to know each other and decide which of my social media services suit your current situation the best!


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