NFDA2022 not long now

Not long now ‘til NFDA 2022! The National Funeral Directors Association International Convention and Expo is in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s on October 9th to 12th 2022. I will be attending for the first time and I am looking forward to it.

A little introduction

A few days ago, I did my first video in a long time. I wanted to introduce myself before I headed to the convention. People do have a challenge with my first name “Eimer” (it’s an Irish name). The pronunciation can lead to people saying “Imer” “I’mer” “Elmer” and the list goes on. If you make the letter “i” silent and say “E-mer” you are on the right road.

So I opened with saying each of the following “#Passport and held up my passport, #Phone and held up my phone. Then said #NFDA2022 with it written on a white card. Problem was I found out the #NFDA2022 appeared backwards after I posted and tweeted the video. Opps!

I got some comments and texts about it. So in some way my mistake of not “mirroring” the text of the hashtag engaged people more. So afterwards I took a photo of the hashtag #NFDA2022 on the white card, posted and tweeted about it. I got more likes and comments – so two posts created and engaged with – out of one video. Lesson learnt, but in a good way as it gave me food for thought and had two pieces of content. Win Win!! Here’s a link to my Facebook page and you can see what I mean…

Social media and the convention

Now that in-person events are back on, the social media channel that is the platform of choice for most event organisers is… Twitter. Yes, I hear you groan. You have enough to be doing. You use Facebook and Instagram for your Funeral business. And then have embraced using LinkedIn, and the last thing you want to use is Twitter. I understand.  But I would like to say that Twitter is where most of the activity for events and conventions showcase. Many event organisers want their event hashtag eg: #NFDA2022 to trend on Twitter. Especially to the No.1 spot. Having speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees etc… embrace the platform. And having the event hashtag will help with the opportunity to trend the event.

Twitter and #NFDA2002

If you are on Twitter, great! If you are not, no worries it’s super easy to set up an account if you go to the App Store or Google Play to get the app. Download the Twitter app and follow the steps to create your account.

Here are a few reasons to consider getting on Twitter ahead of #NFDA2022:

By tweeting (posting on Twitter) using the hashtag #NFDA2022 will help with your visibility before, during and after the event.

  • Following the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and other attendees is a good strategy. As they will get a notification that you are following them and there’s a good chance they will follow you back.
  • Searching (in the search bar) and typing the hashtag #NFDA2022 you can see “Top” “Latest” “People” “Photos” and “Videos”.  These show who and what people have tweeted using the event hashtag. You can then like, comment, retweet (share) and quote retweet (share with a caption) in seconds. Again helps your visibility.
  • Creating a Twitter List of speakers, sponsors, exhibitors etc.. you then have a separate list to focus on. So you can engage with and retweet the tweets faster. This cuts out the noise of the main Twitter newsfeed and keeps you ahead of the game.

I am sharing the following steps using a mobile phone.  Most likely you will be going or at an event and decide you would like to create a Twitter list. And then add Twitter accounts to that list:

Here’s how to create a Twitter List on your mobile phone:

– Go to the Twitter app and click on it.

– You will then be in your Twitter Feed.

– Click on your profile photo in the top left corner of your screen.

– You will see “Lists” click on this.

– Then in the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a blue circle with a white square and lines in it. Click on this blue circle.

– Now you can add a photo to the top of the screen.

– Next “Name” it (eg: #NFDA2022) and add a “description”.

– You can either make the list “Public” and add accounts which then Twitter will notify them that you added them to a list. To do so, then ignore the toggle to the right of “Private” and now it’s public.

– If you want to keep it “Private” so only you see the list and any accounts you add. So they won’t get notified then turn on the toggle to the right of where it says “Private” and your list is private.

– Private lists have a little black padlock beside them when you look at the different lists you have. To view your lists by going back to the main “Lists”

Here’s how to add to a Twitter List on your mobile phone:

– Go to your Twitter Profile.

– Go to the looking glass icon at the bottom of your mobile screen.

– Type in the search bar at the top the name of the person or organisation.

– Look to the top right of your screen and see 3 dots  “…” and click on it.

– A drop down menu appears and select “Add/Remove from Lists”

– Select the List you want to add the account to and you will see a little blue tick appear to the right of the list.

To view your Twitter lists on your mobile phone:

– Go to the Twitter app and click on it.

– You will then be in your Twitter Feed.

– Click on your profile photo in the top left corner of your screen.

– You will see “Lists” click on this.

Now you can jump into your special Twitter list for the convention #NFDA2022.  And see the tweets of who you have added for the list. Now you can like and comment, retweet (share) and quote retweet (share with a caption) again in seconds.

To Conclude

Using the event hashtag on Twitter. And yes on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc… will raise your visibility. But Twitter will be the event organisers primary channel.

Always best practice to use the event hashtag before, during and after the event. Social media is a great way to raise awareness of you and your Funeral business. This is especially so at events and conventions.  Twitter is a great networking tool to increase your visibility and awareness. But build relationships and lead to offline conversations. There is no doubt you will increase your followers too.

I will be in Baltimore for NFDA 2022.  And if you want; why not follow me on Twitter as well as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. And I would be delighted to follow you back and see what you are tweeting and posting about.

If you would like to have a chat about Twitter click here and find a date and time to suit you. If you would like to check out what I do click here. I’ve some resources here such as blogs, radio show/podcast and my Hashtag Handbook to download.

Thanks for reading. And if you are going to the National Funeral Directors Association International Convention and Expo, do let me know and let’s say hello!

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