This is something to consider as a small business – yes it’s Instagram Shopping. The opportunity to tag your products and sell through Instagram. So here are the steps to get you started and have you set up on Instagram via Facebook. You need to have an Instagram business account and have it linked to your Facebook business page. Go to your Instagram account on your mobile and go to your profile. Above your Bio on the top right corner is “three lines” click on that and go to “Settings”. In “Settings” go to “Business” and see “Set up Instagram Shopping”. Connect your Facebook Business Page if you have one, if not I would tell you set up a Facebook Business page. You can also connect your Instagram account via Facebook on a desktop. Go to “Settings” on your Facebook business page, which is at the bottom of the menu on the left of your screen on your Facebook business page dashboard. Scroll down and select “Instagram” and if you are connected it will show you your Instagram page details, but if not follow the steps to connect your Instagram page to your Facebook business page.

Facebook Business Manager

Next, go to Facebook Business Manager on your desktop and you can access it via Check that your Facebook business page is connected to Business Manager:

  • If your page is not connected, then go to the three lines in the top left corner of the screen and click on “Business Settings”. Then scroll down on the left menu to “Pages” and click on “Add Page’.
  • If the page is connected to Business Manager then click on your business page and go through and click on the 9 dots in the top left corner of your dashboard “Business Tools”.

Then click on “Business Settings” and scroll down on the left menu to “Products and Services” and select “Catalogue Manager”. Select “Create a shop” and click on “Next”.
Select “Check out on another website” and click on “Next”. You are now on “Where do you want to sell from?” and your Facebook business page and the Instagram account will show here. Select them and click on “Next”. Confirm your business email address.


Now “Create a new catalogue” for your products to go into. Give the catalogue a name and click “Next”. Now you can go ahead and add products to your catalogue:

· Image (your image needs to be 500 x 500 pixels) and you have to option to add more images.
· Title (add a title that describes the item with up to 150 characters, but it’s recommended to be less than 65 characters).
· Description (add details about the item including unique features which help people to understand it’s benefits).
· Website link (add the specific product page or if using Shopify add the link here so that people can view more details on the item and buy it).
· Price (choose a currency and add the full price as shown on your product page. If you want to create different options of your item you will need to add the price for each one in the variants section). You also have the option to tick a box if it’s a sale item so if so, then click on “This item is on sale”.
· Condition (Is it new or used?)
· Brand Name (Add the name of the brand if it has one).
· Content ID (Add an SKU or another unique identifier. You’ll need to provide this if you want to retarget more people through Facebook ads. If you’d like to create variations of this item, add an ID for each one of them in the variants section.

Continue to add items to your specific catalogue on the desktop and once finished head back to your mobile phone and go to Instagram.

Setting Up Instagram Shopping

Once in your Instagram business account, head over to your profile and click on the “three lines” at the top right corner of your screen. Go to “Settings” and click on “Business”. Then click on “Set Up Instagram Shopping”. From here you will see:

· Add A Shop In Your Profile.
· Tag Products In Your Posts.
· Get Insights About Your Shop.

Click on “Get Started” at the bottom of your screen and then you will see “Connect A Catalogue” and then click on “Next”. Add a website domain here, enter your website (your product must be hosted on a single website owned by your business. You asked to verify ownership of the website that you enter. Then click “Submit For Review”. You will see on the next screen, now “Ready For Review” and the following:

· Our team will review your account to make sure it meets our commerce eligibility requirements.
· By using Instagram Shopping you must follow our commerce product merchant agreement.

Once approved you can start tagging products and selling through Instagram.

How to tag items in Instagram posts

So now you are all set up and you now have the fun of tagging products. So now go create a post as you would beginning with the image from your camera roll. Once you have the chosen image then click “Next” and then you have the option to add filters and then click “Next”. Write your caption and don’t forget about your hashtags. Below the caption area, you will see “Tag Products” and click that option. Then the image that you selected for that post will pop up and click on it then. From there, you can scroll down to find the correct product from your categories created and select the correct one. Once added then go ahead and post on Instagram. If you have older posts go back in and tag your products as described. Now people can click and buy on your store through Instagram. You can tag 5 items in one image or up to 20 in a multi-image post. And don’t forget to check your Insights too to see what’s working for you!

To Conclude

Instagram shopping is becoming more and more popular. Enhancing your posts with shopping tags will engage your audience, but don’t start to treat this as a sales tool. Remember it’s social media not selling media. The primary aim should be to build trust. Mixing up your content will encourage people to get to know, like and trust you. And from there build loyalty and want to buy from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you liked this blog, why not check out a few more here.

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