How To Remove A Background From A Headshot?

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So you are all set to either set up a new social media channel or a few new ones for your business or update the ones you already have. Great! Then you realise that the headshot for your profile image has a background you are not entirely happy with. That has happened to me. When I started out I didn’t think about the background in my headshot and for ages wonder how to remove a background from a headshot.

Well I came across a website that can remove the background of any image including headshots automatically so you don’t have to worry about selecting sections or hightlighting anything. By just adding or upload your photo on the website you will then get the image without the background. How great is that and it’s FREE!


So how do you remove a background from an image?


Here are the steps and don’t worry I can do it so can you! So here are the six steps to help you remove a background from a headshot or even any image which is so handy:

Step 1

Go to the website and once there you will see the home page:

Image of a computer showing homepage

Step 2:

Next you will see a green arrow directing you “Upload Image” or “drop a file”. So you have two options when it comes to adding your headshot. 

Image of a computer showing part of the home page of

Step 3:

So either upload your image from your desktop or drop your image into the box. So below you will see my original headshot “before image” with the background still there.

Image of a computer showing my original headshot

Step 4:

So this is where the magic begins! In a couple of seconds you will then get the opportunity to download the image (all for FREE!). And now you will have your headshot with a transparent background and you can now add that to your social media profiles. 

If you use the Pro version of Canva “Canva Pro” there is a background remover facility, but if you are using the free version of Canva you don’t have that option, but that’s where can come into play for you. And as you can see it works – here’s my image with the background removed. 



Image of a computer showing my headshot with background removed

To Conclude…


Delighted to share a free tool that actually does what it says it does without any additional costs. You can use on desktop and on mobile, which is very handy. There is no where to save images, but to be honest you can save them in Dropbox, on Google Drive and even your camera roll. I hope you enjoy using this tool and find it useful especially when you need to have to be consistent with your social media profiles.

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