Want to be able to:

  • Leverage social media to build a better online presence?

  • Be on the right channels, look professional and approachable?

  • Want increased visibility, engage more people and build trust online?

  • Save time, get more confident and be more consistent?

I’m Eimer Duffy and I’m a Social Media Consultant and Trainer. I help businesses which require an emotional and compassionate tone of voice to their online presence. Let me help you with this and more through social media consultancy, mentoring and training.


Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media Founder Social Media Expert

I look forward to helping you explore social media for your business

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Book your exploration chat with me to explore your current social media presence.

Book your Exploration Chat to explore how you should approach social media from managing, marketing and gaining more visibility, getting noticed and build trust online especially if you are a business that requires a compassionate and emotional tone of voice.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with social media management and marketing and don’t quite know which of the services you need. In that case, I recommend jumping on a 20-minute exploration chat with me at no cost to you.

On this exploration chat we can get to know each other and decide which of my social media services suit your current situation the best!


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