Getting your business noticed!

Business online

I am in the business of helping my clients through training, management and marketing gain a good online presence and help widen their reach with their social media and websites. I have found myself, that blended marketing with an online and offline approach, is the way to ensure you reach as many people as possible. Online So…

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Why should I tweet at an event?

Tweeting at Events

Lots of events and conferences are on and coming up… so let the tweeting begin!  Wondering why should you tweet at an event? What are the benefits of doing so? When attending events… Way back in the sands of time when I first started attending events, I used to just like and retweet, then realised I…

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Why do I need to be on Twitter?

    So, which social media platform to use for my business? I get asked which social media platforms to use for their business, should they be on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn…?  I say you don’t need to be on every platform.  But you need to consider at least two, which will help…

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Do I need reviews on Google & Social Media?

  Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations!     “Word of Mouth” Not so long ago, you would get recommendations from family and friends about certain things from products, places, shops, hairdressers, restaurants, hotels to even funeral directors! Now that people are so busy, they don’t have time to ask other people, they do a quick search…

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How to improve your online presence?

      Most businesses focus on having a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling product or service and being able to present that, to make an impact and a difference in the lives of their customers, who have needs and expectations online is so important, wouldn’t you agree? Most customers search online for information and things,…

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How to set up a Facebook page for my business?

Who doesn’t love getting a “thumbs up” on social media?  And you can definitely give yourself a “thumbs up” when it comes to correctly set up your social media pages correctly for your business. Right, so you say to yourself,  “I can’t avoid social media forever!” I have now read up on the pros and…

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