Does your business need to be on social media?

Three business people around a table talking about whether to be on social media for the business

So you have your website, which is great! There’s just one thing you are not sure about, regarding your business’s online presence, do I really need to be on social media? You hear from others “Oh, you have to be on Facebook!” or “You need to be on Twitter!“, “Instagram is so important!“, “Are you…

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My Reactions To LinkedIn Reactions!

Image of the new LinkedIn Reactions

I recently got the new LinkedIn reactions and was interested to see what they were about. Would I use them or just click on the “Like” button and not bother with the other reactions? So what are they all about? On LinkedIn, until recently the only reaction you could use to show if you ‘Liked…

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Optimising your Facebook Page

Image of a Facebook Business Page on a Website

Why optimise? Optimising your Facebook Business Page is so important, if you don’t complete it fully it does not look well to viewers. Facebook provides it’s users with a search facility and so you could lose out if you don’t have all your information added. Here’s what you should cover when it comes to making…

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What’s in an Instagram Bio?

What's in a Instagram Bio by FIT Social Media

When it comes to Instagram for your business, your Bio is the first thing people see, so it has to catch their eye!  When it comes to my Instagram business account, I do go in and tweak it from time to time. What key things to have… Profile Image You have two options here as a…

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Getting your business noticed!

Business online

I am in the business of helping my clients through training, management and marketing gain a good online presence and help widen their reach with their social media and websites. I have found myself, that blended marketing with an online and offline approach, is the way to ensure you reach as many people as possible. Online So…

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