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I empower business owners and organisations which require an emotional and compassionate tone of voice to build a better online presence which people will trust.

Let me tell you exactly how I got here, why I am passionate about what I do and how I can help you!

Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media Trainer and Consultant Trim Meath

My Journey:


With over 20 years of professional experience in various businesses, organisations, and industries, I know what it takes to look professional, be more approachable and build genuine relationships for business.

My journey started with customer-focused roles through to marketing, working within the corporate, FMCG, training and non-profit sectors. This ranged from The Irish Stock Exchange, The Walt Disney Company, Lyreco and St. John of Gods Services. After a career break to focus on my three little angels, who headed then off to school, I up-skilled and moved into working in website design and social media management.

my journey Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media Trainer and Consultant  Meath Ireland

My journey has made me appreciate both sides of the coin
as a business owner and as a consumer – Eimer Duffy

Let’s get Social Show with your hosts Eimer Duffy and Phillip Twyford

With the qualifications, knowledge and experience I had acquired, I decided to set up FIT Social Media Training in 2018 with a focus on helping others with their own online presence as a social media consultant and a QQI-qualified trainer to give a more personal customer experience.

I started and was honoured to work with a wide range of businesses and organisations and was delighted to see the results they began to achieve and build on. Then I began to work more and more with businesses and organisations which required a more empathic approach, as they needed an emotional and compassionate tone of voice for their online presence due to the nature of their offerings. This inspires me everyday and motivates me to ensure I provide the best services I can for them.

Apart from social media consultancy and social media training services I provide, I have also focus on creating free resources to help provide more support. One in particular, is the weekly social media for business radio show “Let’s Get Social” which I co-host with Phillip Twyford, aka The Curly Marketer on Dublin South FM every Friday at 2pm! Where we have the most amazing expert guests, different industries covered, the best social media tips and the worst social media jokes! (I’m not kidding!)

My why…


I know how daunting social media can be especially when you are trying to run a business.  I totally understand as a business owner myself and the ever changing world of social media with updates and more. I am a big believer in keeping things simple and getting the foundations right, so you can keep a consistent online presence without spending every minute online. 

As a social media consultant and trainer I can help you understand, manage and leverage your business via the right channels. I will ensure you look more professional, attract and engage your audience and build trust online the right way. And if you feel you need someone to manage your online presence, I will help you with my “Done For You” options so that you can have peace of mind that your business will look professional, have consistent and active channels which will engage your audience and potential customers locally and globally.

Even thought I focus mainly on social media, I am a bit of a detail gal and I do look at a business’ other digital assets such as Google My Business listing and their website.  Google My Business is essential and harnessing that is key. It is usually one of the first things people will look at and expect it to be up to date with all business details as well as images, updates and of course good reviews. The next thing they will look for is a great website. This needs to be fully SEO’d, completed and enhanced with content. So once you have your Google listing, website and social channels looking their very best and engaging your customers and potential customers, you are on the right road to being seen as professional, credible and trustworthy as a business.

I see websites and social media like a partnership, which works perfectly together despite their various differences. The website is one partner which is all picture and no sound, and the social media is the other which never stops talking…


How Can I Help?


Through Social Media Consultancy I will help guide you with practical actions that actually work without any complicated strategies.

I create short and easy to follow interactive Social Media Training programmes to empower you to use social media to your best advantage. 

And if you have a specific online challenge you want to troubleshoot then a Power Hour is exactly what you need (a combination of consultancy and training rolled into one).

And that’s not all, the follow up sessions are where we discuss your progress and look to see how to build and increase the effectiveness of your online presence.

When it comes to having your online presence managed I can be there for you with “Done For You” options. You select which works best for you and know that your online presence is in good hands, leaving you to focus on your business.

 Let’s have a chat today via an exploration call and talk through what you would like to do, discuss what you only need and where you want to be with your online presence. We will explore all aspects of your online presence and see which of my services will work best for you. Do come find me on social media, as always happy to connect and chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am happy to answer your social media questions. please look through some common questions people ask me to see if it helps you… – Eimer Duffy

What services do you provide?

I have a range of services for business development, visibility and growth. These cover social media consultancy, social media training and social media enhancement. For more information see here or book an exploration call.

How much do your services cost?

Every business is different and, following a detailed assessment of your needs via the exploration call and questionnaire, I will provide you with the best solution to your needs. It may include Power Hours, social media consultations, a social media training programme or some social media enhancement. For more information see here or book an exploration call.

What does a social media consultant do?

As a social media consultant, I provide tailored advice on the different aspects of the development of your online presence in the area of social media as a business tool. The guidance I give will increase areas such as visibility and growth. I will provide support and help build your confidence in using social media for your business to engage your audience, expand your reach and convert more leads into sales. For more information see here or book an exploration call.

How long does a social media consultation take?

I have developed a successful exploration process beginning with a detailed assessment site and 20-minute exploration call to gain a full understanding of your business and the challenges you have in the area of social media. From this assessment you will have the peace of mind of knowing what to do next. You can choose additional support:

  • Invest in a more in-depth and tailored social media consultation video call.
  • Have a series of weekly or monthly consultations.
  • A training programme or programmes covering your social media needs.
  • Additional supportive annual programmes for you to choose from.

For more information see here or book an exploration call.


What is a Power Hour?

A Power Hour is a combination of consultation and training which is focused on a specific need. You can book a one off or a series of Power Hours set either a week apart or once a month. For more information see here or book an exploration call.


Can you optimise my social media platforms for me?

Yes, I can do that for you, ensuring that all aspects of your social media business accounts are fully-optimised and ready for you to post and engage with your audience knowing that your social media channels are looking their very best. For more information see here or book an exploration call.

frequently asked social media questions FIT Social Media

Save Time and Gain Skills


Build Brand Awareness


Drive Traffic and Sales


FIT social media is a very personal and professional service 👏
Declan Rispin Trim Funeral Directors
Eimer is a consummate professional and an authority on all areas of business social media. I found her to be engaging and very informative.
I signed up with Eimer to try and up my game on my social media platforms and to demystify the processes. I can honestly say I’m so much more confident at using social media thanks to Eimer and her FIT training. I’ve learnt so much and my business is definitely improving. I would highly recommend her if you want to sign up with Eimer to try an... Read More
I have just completed training with Eimer and would 100% recommend her services. I found Eimer to be very professional, knowledgeable, and patient as I had struggled to really embrace social media and how to engage with it in a consistent and meaningful way. The sessions were very practical, and the learning could be applied straight away. The t... Read More
Peter Connolly Lifestyle Awareness
Eimer has been guiding and mentoring me for some time now in the process of setting up an online profile for my new business. Her input, advice and patience has been invaluable to me. I have learned more from her about social media and its uses than I ever imagined. Eimer has an abundance of knowledge in her area and has the gift of knowing how to... Read More

I am a “people person” and I cannot think of a better way to spend my life than helping and supporting others to look their very best online!

~ Eimer Duffy, FIT Social Media


My Partners

Through my years of experience in the social media business, I have surrounded myself with the best professionals to enhance your online presence even further.

When you work with me, you also get access to my network! I can save you time by pointing you in the direction of great professionals that complement my services as a social media expert and whose services I have used myself. Here are some examples:


Social Media Managers


Social Media Engagers


Ad Specialists



mt|ondemand_video |

Content Creators


Graphic Designers


Web Designers


Chatbot Specialists








Branding Specialists


PR Specialists

Some organisations that I work with:

Local Enterprise Office Trainer Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media

Business Continuity Voucher for Local Enterprise Offices

Ballyfermot Chapelizod Partnership Logo Social Media Training Dublin

Ballyfermot Chapelizod Partnership

Dublin North West Partnership Trainer Eimer Duffy FIT Social Media

Dublin North West Area Partnership

Inspire Programme Mentor Eimer Duffy Online Mentoring for Young People

"The Inspire Programme" launched by Innovate Communities and LinkedIn

Local Enterprise Office Assistance

Trading Online Voucher Social Media Expert Meath Dublin

I am a mentor for the LEO and can help you with Social Media Mentoring. My services are also eligible for the Trading Online Voucher TOV. 

It is time to explore your Social Media with me

I offer both one-to-one and group social media consultancy and training programs and I can work with you online via Zoom or face-to-face. I can also optimise and enhance your channels for you with my social media enhancement service!

Would you like to work with a social media specialist? If so, let’s have a 20-minute exploration chat at no cost to you!

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